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disney world 2017

Who takes their 6 month old baby and 3 year old to Disney World without reinforcements (the grandparents)? Who takes their 6 month old on a plane with an EAR INFECTION?!

The answer to both of those questions is US.

Yeah, so we booked this vacation before we knew Ryann wasn’t as “easy-going” of a baby as Anna Kate was. Lets be honest, Anna Kate was a RARE baby. Slept through the night before we really knew what being kept up all night was actually like. Hardly ever cried. The paci cured all for her. We could’ve traveled around the world with her, no problem.

We suspected this trip wasn’t going to be so easy with Ryann, but we didn’t expect her to have an ear infection. We didn’t even realize she had one until a few days in when she started running a low grade fever. It explained a lot, including the absolutely horrible flight to Orlando (poor passengers). This resulted in finding a shuttle to the closest Urgent Care (and thanks to Ryann’s constant crying we were seen rather quickly) and her first and only anti-biotic so far.

Anyway, other than that MAJOR set back, it was an amazing trip. It was our first solo vacation as a family of 4. Lots of memories were made! Due to the fact that one of us was consoling a baby pretty much the entire trip, we didn’t take many photos of our own. Thankfully we had purchased Memory Maker and got some photos to prove we were there. Ha! We did a memory maker share and got it for around $25!

Jordan got us an awesome deal staying on the monorail.. and let me tell you… MONORAIL=GAME CHANGER. We stayed in a Deluxe Suit at the Polynesian and it was pretty much they best place I’ve ever stayed… ever. I mean, we were feet away from Ohana!?! Yum! Anna Kate enjoyed the pool and splash pad.. she even went down the water slide all by her self a million times.

Enjoy the few iPhone photos we took followed by the Memory Maker slideshow.:)


Driving to the airport…. bright and early and full of excitement!


Anna Kate was GREAT on the flight. Thankfully.

Ryann pretty much screamed the entire time. Everything I knew about flying with an infant went out the window. She wouldn’t nurse and nothing would console her. Even the poor flight attendant tried to hold her and bounce her, but no luck. We didn’t realize her ears must’ve been killing her. We were all relieved when we landed and Ryann finally fell asleep!

We decided to head down a day early so the first night we stayed at Pop Century and took a tour of the new-ish Art of Animation.



We hit up Disney Springs the first night then rested up for Magic Kingdom the next day.


We park hopped most of the trip but day one is always, always, always full of Magic Kingdom!


Anna Kate’s first time riding 7D!


Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid


Success – This lasted for about 30 minutes…


Tomorrowland Speedway



So glad we got to see Wishes one more time before they retired it!


WORN SLAP OUT on her favorite ride… The People Mover!


Thank God for the Monorail!


And we made it to the Poly (we didn’t stay in the bungalows, but aren’t they pretty?)!




Best part of staying at the Polynesian? DOLE WHIP!


We went to Animal Kingdom then Jordan took Anna Kate to Magic Kingdom for some magic hour fun.

IMG_7813IMG_7822IMG_7862Hollywood Studios

AK wasn’t feeling the photos here…


I realized the photos I’m posting are of the poorest quality and not everyone is happy or making the best face.. but they’re real and tell the truth about how our trip went (LOL) and they’re all we have.. sooooo….


This is how you entertain your 3 year old while you take turns riding Tower of Terror (my FAVE ride)



IMG_7923IMG_7927This could’ve been a great photo op but….yeah..


I pretty much became a pro at nursing in public and Ryann and I took many trips on the People Mover for feedings.

We used Disney’s Baby Center several times a day for nursing, diaper changes and so much more.

Over all I’d do this trip (it was NOT a vacation, definitely a trip) again a million times over (if we could just take out the ear infection, that’d be nice). It was stressful, but more fun than you can imagine. Anna Kate was a trooper and had the best time. I love my little family to the moon and back.

Here’s to many more memories as a family! And hopefully more at WDW!

Now a slideshow of photos from Memory Maker:

rachael + robert | engaged

My mom used to keep Rachael when she was little. In fact, I’ve known her since she was 3 months old. Then I was her babysitter when I was in high school. Her family was kind of like a second family to me growing up.

Rachael was always strong-willed but very caring and kind when she was little. I have loved keeping up with her on social media from high school graduation to college. Then I noticed she started posting about this guy named Robert. Eventually, the two were engaged and I knew he must be someone special!

I was excited to finally meet him and shoot their engagement session! They are a precious couple and I’m excited to see what the future holds for them.RR-132




This cat totally creeped me out.. it kept rubbing against my feet.. and look at its eyes.RR-63RR-64RR-67RR-69RR-79RR-82RR-85RR-88

Love these!!RR-89RR-94RR-106RR-116RR-119RR-120-2RR-122-2RR-123RR-127RR-131RR-132RR-133RR-137RR-177RR-179-2RR-180RR-182RR-183

stop and see the cross

stop and smell the roses

stop and see the cross


This Easter was the first time Anna Kate took interest in the real Easter story. Sure, she was excited about the bunny and the candy, but she was very interested, fascinated even, by the story of the cross and Jesus dying for us. It was to the point where she would ask us to read that same story at bedtime for a week. She began to recognize crosses every time we passed a church while driving. She even saw the letter t and said “hey, it’s a cross!”

Although I know she doesn’t fully understand why Jesus died on the cross and what that means for us – for her, it’s amazing to see her get to know her savior. Everything is more fun to watch through the eyes of a child.

Anna Kate is a “stop and smell the roses” kind of kid. She isn’t in a hurry for much (unless she’s running from you, but that’s a whole different blog post 😉 ). Her appreciation for things that I might not even notice has taught me to slow down and enjoy the day to day. If we spend life waiting for the next big thing we can miss the joy intended for today.

We were driving down the interstate one day and Anna Kate spotted a cross on a church. Driving 70+mph, we sped past it pretty quickly. Anna Kate asked to go back about 100 times, but of course we couldn’t. We had spent a weekend in Nashville and if you know anything about traveling with children you know that meant we had ZERO sleep. We were ready to get home and rest and there was not a chance of us taking the next exit and going back to see a cross that she would likely see again several miles later. We live in Alabama – crosses are everywhere. Thankfully, she didn’t put up much of a fight and we had a peaceful ride home and she was just as fascinated by the next cross we saw.

This did get me thinking though.

Does our time with Jesus resemble the blur of a cross we catch from the corner of our eye? Are we often so busy getting to where we’re going that we don’t stop and see the cross?

I know there have been times in my life where I’ve been too busy to have quiet time. I’ve tried to take on my problems all by myself. I’ve looked at my circumstances and have seen no way to overcome. I’ve let the enemy rob me of peace. I have missed the cross and the power that comes with it.

Imagine what life could be like if we slowed down and saw Jesus in every area of our lives.

When you really think about it, what is more important than that?

Jesus intended for us to have a relationship with Him, and believe me, it is for our benefit. This world moves fast and the enemy loves for us to be distracted, too distracted to remember the cross and the power available to us. The power to overcome. The power to find peace, joy, healing, and love.

The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.  1 Corinthians 1:18

I want my time with Jesus to look more like I stopped the car, got out of the car and admired the cross before me. I want to be like Anna Kate and acknowledge the cross everywhere I go and in every circumstance.

Stop and see the cross.


february happenings


Jordan and I have started eating a paleo diet… right before my BIRTHDAY and VALENTINE’S DAY. Not cool. We’ve managed to have some pretty good meals though. It’s just lunch time and weekends that are difficult.

Or when I see a pizza commercial…

Ryann turned 7 months on the 7th.. which happens to be the day before my birthday (helllo 29) and on my sisters birthday.. so happy birthday to us!

Ryann is FINALLY sleeping. Pretty much on the regular now and I’m forever grateful. She’s sitting up and saying “dada-dadadadada” all the time.

We love that little sweetheart. Speaking of sweetheart.. Jordan did way too much for Valentine’s this year.. as usual. He spoiled the girls and me.

In return, I made him a steak dinner and a paleo chocolate pie. Cooking and baking paleo really is a labor of love. Nothing is easy or cheap that is paleo.


So this happened…

I’ve warned Jordan in the past that if anyone ever had a box of free puppies in the Walmart parking lot then he’d be in trouble. I didn’t know how weak I was until I actually saw one.. he’s lucky I didn’t come home with the whole box.

He knew who I was when he married me though.

Anna Kate is in love anyways.

She named her Fuli, and if you’re familiar with the Lion Guard then you’ve heard that name before. I swear this kid is me made over.. I had like 3 puppies named Nala (from Lion King) when I was a girl.

Anyway, she has played outside more than ever before, so that’s great.


Here are a few other happenings (and I realize most photos of my girls together are in shopping carts.. not sure why):

Whitney + Dex | The Wedding

Whitney + Dex were married on a beautiful (cold, but beautiful) day in December! The atrium was the perfect place for a winter wedding because although it’s indoors the lighting is amazing. We didn’t have to go outside for portraits! I just loved every single detail.

The bridesmaids getting a first look at the stunning bride!

Whitney.. you are gorgeous!!First look sweetness!

Whitney has the sweetest relationship with her little sister. It was absolutely precious to see!!Father of the bride giving the bride away is always one of my favorite parts of a wedding. So sweet!

February 14, 2017 - 7:17 am

Julie Copestake - Great job Amanda and Jordan, Loved it all.

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